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Mindfulness Coach

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Meet Riane

I will help you identify and implement a practice that works for you to enhance your life and business, supporting your mindset shift to radical self-acceptance.

Helping folks has always come naturally to me. I enjoy holding a safe space for people to explore themselves through mindfulness and self-study.

Scuba Instruction was my introduction to guiding transformation. For six years, I helped fear and insecurity transform into curiosity and confidence in my students.

Now, as a Mindfulness Coach, I share my homegrown yoga and meditation experience of over 20 years with my clients.

I look forward to meeting you where you are and supporting you on your journey to find a mindfulness practice that works for you and your life.


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Private Online Yoga

60-minutes live online:

Prenatal/Postpartum Recovery

Vinyasa Flow

Chair Yoga

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Fearless Flow Coaching 1:1 Pathway

One on One Custom-Tailored 6-week Mindfulness Coaching, Yoga, and Meditation Program

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The Empowerment Pathway

Private & Corporate

Group Coaching Program

+ All-Inclusive Retreat to

Bali, Belize, Spain, & more!

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